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Employing a recruitment agency to fix your overall resourcing needs might be fraught with danger unless you do your homework. It is important to ensure you know enough about your recruiter so that a fairly easy hiring process doesn’t turn into a costly and unrewarding pursuit. In Australia, the recruitment industry includes a huge number of agencies – some small, some large, some specialist, some generalist, but all with one purpose: to make money. It is often linked to sales-pressured staff only to come up with a quick buck, regardless of the service they feature, which is often viewed inside same light as politicians and truck salesmen within the overall quality of these work in addition to their trustworthiness. IT talent acquisition Lack of Time – Much of the time a business has got to hire quickly, to fill a void that is unexpectedly opened in the company, leaving others to fill out and maybe even important tasks neglected. When hiring in a situation this way employers usually “settle”, hiring somebody who has almost all of the attributes they were trying to find although not all.

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